Who is David Allen? Getting Things Done

Who is David Allen, Getting Things Done from BNET.com

“Since publishing his best-selling book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity in 2001, David Allen has attracted hundreds of thousands of professionals to his personal-productivity system, which he calls simply GTD ("Getting Things Done”). According to Allen, today’s workforce faces unprecedented stressors. Rather than producing the same widget over and over, managers at all levels—from the boardroom to the frontline—must now juggle multiple, and often conflicting, projects and priorities; master highly varied tasks; and successfully negotiate across departments, from HR to IT. Meanwhile, the drumbeat of mergers and reorgs—together with constantly morphing products and services—requires constant learning and adaptation. According to Allen, GTD addresses exactly these kinds of stressors, and his fans seem to agree. With some 450,000 copies in print, Getting Things Done is gaining traction as a business-management classic…..“ GTD, getting things done
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