How to choose the right tires....

How to Choose the right tires

“When you talk tires, you need to decide what’s most important. Is it tread
life, handling or ride comfort? (And no fair saying "all of them.”)
The government has a tire rating system (the Uniform Tire Quality Grade Standards) that may help you pick the most proper tire type, brand and model.
Tread wear rates a tire’s durability relative to an industry standard tire, whose rating is 100. A tire rated at 200 should last twice as long as the benchmark tire, but
critics say the number is subject to fudging by automakers.
Traction is rated as AA, A, B or C. AA is best.
Temperature grades relate to the sustained speeds the tires can handle. C for 85-100 mph, B for 100-115 mph, and A for speeds over 115 mph. The higher the speed rating, the higher-performance the tire is likely to be……“ from Progressive Insurance
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