Safe Driving Around 18 Wheelers

Safe Driving Around 18 Wheelers. Sharing the road with a semi truck requires Safety Steps
  1. be awre of blind spots
  2. leave extra space between vehicles
  3. Don’t pass during a right turn

    “Exercising some degree of caution while on the road — using turn signals, slowing down in nasty weather, yielding the right of way, etc. — tends to come naturally to most drivers. What may not come as naturally is remembering that safety rules aren’t one size fits all. Different rules apply to different vehicle types.

    For instance, it’s important to remember that the mechanics of an 18-wheeler are quite different than the mechanics of a sedan. With this in mind, here are a few things you can do to drive safely as you share the road with 18-wheelers and other large trucks……” Driving around 18 wheelers

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