Why Choose Roadside Assistance?

Progressive customers who choose Roadside Assistance coverage enjoy these benefits:

  • Towing — If your car breaks down, Roadside Assistance pays to tow it anywhere within a 15-mile radius. It also pays to tow your car to the nearest qualified repair facility, even if it’s farther than 15 miles away.
  • Flat Tire Change — We’ll send a professional to you who can change your tire and put the spare on while you wait.
  • Locksmith Service — If your keys are lost, stolen or locked in the car, Roadside Assistance covers you. We’ll send a qualified service provider to help recover them. If the keys need replacing, you simply pay for the cost of the keys.
  • Battery Jump-Start — When your battery dies, we’ll come to you and jump-start it.
  • Emergency Fuel and Fluid Delivery — If you run out of gas, you can have fuel delivered to you. You simply pay for the cost of the fuel; delivery and service are free. Same goes if your car overheats: We’ll deliver the necessary fluids to get you running again, and you pay only the cost of the fluids.
  • more information and resources visit Kentucky Insurance Roadside Assistance
  • Progressive Insurance Roadside Assitance
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