What's the best way to Create a Home inventory

Here is a very good video from the Insurance Information Institute

“"In light of all the natural disasters wreaking havoc across the globe, I’ve
realized I should take a home inventory to document everything I own for
insurance purposes. What’s the best way to do this?


Hi Happy,
You’re smart to want to document your
possessions in case of burglary, damage, or fire. The short answer to your
question: The best tool for the job is the one you’ll actually use.

Taking a home inventory isn’t really hard, it’s just time consuming.
It’s also extremely important; a good inventory will speed up the insurance
claims process and ensure your insurance takes care of everything you lost. (You
do, of course, need the insurance.)

Many tools can guide you through
taking your inventory and storing it (we’ll list some below), but the basics are
pretty simple. You’ll want to take pictures of all your stuff. (It’s also a good
idea to snap pictures of serial numbers of your gadgetry.) If you’ve got a video
camera, you can simply walk through your home and film every room for a good and
simple start.

It’s also very important that you store your inventory
outside your home in some form. You could store it at your office or somewhere
else outside of your home. If it’s digital, upload ..” from Lifehacker.com

Know your stuff inventory

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