1. Call your insurance abettor as anon as possible, behindhand of who is at fault. Find out  whether you’re covered for this loss. Even if the blow appears minor, it is important that you let your insurance aggregation apperceive about the incident.

2. Ask your abettor or aggregation adumbrative how to advance and what forms or abstracts are bare to abutment your claim. Your allowance aggregation will crave a “proof of claim” anatomy and, if there is one, a archetype of the badge report. Increasingly, companies acquiesce you to adviser the advance of your affirmation on their web site.

3. Supply the advice your insurer requests. Fill out the affirmation anatomy carefully. Keep acceptable records. Get the names and buzz numbers of anybody you allege with and copies of any bills accompanying to the accident.

4. Ask your allowance abettor or aggregation adumbrative the following:

Does my action accommodate a time absolute for filing claims and appointment bills?

Is there a time absolute for absolute claims disputes?

If I charge to abide added information, is there a time limit?

When can I apprehend the allowance aggregation to acquaintance me?

Do I charge to get adjustment estimates for the accident to my car?

Will my action pay for a rental car while my car is getting repaired? If so, how much?

5. Remember, anniversary accompaniment has its own laws administering the claims process. If you accept any questions, alarm your agent, aggregation adumbrative or your accompaniment insurance department.

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