Cheaper car Insurance top tips for new drivers

As a young driver looking to insure a car, you are going to find premiums being quoted as high. The combination of age and inexperience leads to a greater likely hood of being involved in a car accident. However in order to find cheaper car insurance to suit you best, there are things you can do to assist.
  • Search more than one company, it is the case that not all insurers will either will quote for young drivers or provisional license holders and if they do that doesn’t mean they will be competitive. At City Insurance, because we deal with over Forty insurers, when you ask us to quote for your car insurance, we will compare rates looking for the best deal and this will include special schemes.
  • The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) have set up a “Pass Plus training programme You may wish to take. The course is aimed at new young drivers assisting them with different driving skills, night driving, Town driving and driving through different weather conditions. There are Six lessons leading to completion of the course and as well as being a more competent driver various insurers will recognize the course and will allow larger discounts off car insurance
  • Start earning your own no claims bonus is the better long term way to reduce you car insurance premiums. Quite often you will start with an introductory no claims bonus, with the first full year discount being around 30% and rising each year if you are claim free up to a maximum bonus of around 70%
  • It may be possible to arrange cover in a parents name having the benefit of the higher no claims bonus already earn. This would mean having the vehicle registered to the policyholder and also declaring the son/daughter as the main driver, to be correctly insured. We do have schemes to allow an equivalent no claims bonus for a second car meaning the other vehicle will retain a high discount.
  • Your insurance premium will be rated on a number of things including age, experience, occupation, but area’s that remain in your control when decision making are, the type of car and engine size. Typically a smaller car with a small engine will be cheaper to insure. Feel free to run various quotes through our web quote system, you do not need to enter a registration number to obtain quotes.
  • As a young driver or inexperienced driver comprehensive cover will carry a higher excess. You may have the opportunity to increase the excess in return for a premium discount. Make sure however you are able to pay this excess in the event of a claim. If the accident is not your fault the excess could be recovered.
  • Any modifications made to the car are likely to increase premiums. We recommend you contact us to take further advice from us before proceeding with modifications. Minor changes may not alter the premium materially however may invalidate cover if not disclosed.
  • Having an approved (Thatcham) alarm/immobilizer fitted to your car by a professional can reduce your premium by up to 10%. Factory fitted security may assist and is worth mentioning dependent on the insurer selected from our panel.
  • Keeping your car in a garage or off road parking may also invoke a further discount of up to around 5% opposed to "on road” parking
  • Various insurer offerings we provide will allow discounts for limited mileage covered over the course of a year. The lower the declared mileage the high discount will be available however do not be tempted to under estimate your mileage as the insurer will compare readings at the time of any incident arising leading to possible problems that can be avoided.
  • Sometime adding a parent as a driver on the policy can make the premium cheaper, it is worth comparing quotations with and without to suit.
  • Choose and compare the cover you require, typically comprehensive will be more expensive but not always the case. With a low value car you may be happy with third party fire & theft cover as a cheaper alternative but some cover will be excluded, damage, windscreens and so on. Take advice from City Insurance Group.
Comprehensive Cover Can Include

Courtesy Car
Audio Cover
Protected Bonus

Legal Assistance
Windscreen Cover
Foreign Use

Full Claims Assistance
Breakdown Cover - UK & Abroad
Up to 70% No Claims Bonus

Online Discount
New Car Replacement
Immediate Cover Online

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