How to find the right car insurance- tips for women

Peace of mind is important, whether you use your car for work, leisure, or for taking the kids to school.
You want to know that if something happens to the car you can get things sorted quickly and stay mobile.
So you look for a comprehensive policy which has a 24-hour claim line and provides a replacement car while yours is repaired. But what other benefits can women expect when buying car insurance?
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Replacement car seats

If you have a family, it may be worth checking the comprehensive cover will replace child car seats and booster seats if they are stolen from the car or damaged in an accident or fire.

Replacement locks

Cover which includes the cost of lock replacement is another useful benefit, and it could save you money if you are unlucky enough to lose your keys.

Personal possessions cover

When comparing car insurance policies, remember to look at the level of personal possessions cover on offer. If you carry valuable belongings, like your mobile phone, around in your handbag, then choose a policy that provides a good level of personal possessions cover. This way, providing you’ve locked the vehicle, you’re covered if your handbag is stolen from your car on the day you forget to take the bag with you.

Help with recovering uninsured losses

Before you a buy a policy, see whether the insurance company provides assistance in recovering your uninsured losses from a third party. If it does, you have the reassurance of knowing that in the event of an accident caused by a third party, you’ll receive professional help in attempting to recover uninsured losses, like your policy excess or a loss of earnings. Some policies also provide assistance to help you pursue a personal injury claim after an accident.

Protect your no-claims discount

Insurance statistics show that women drive safely and make fewer and less costly claims than men. When you get an AA quote you can protect the no-claims bonus that you’ve earned by driving safely.

Car security

If you can avoid it, don’t park your car on the street at night. Better still, use the garage if your home has one and lock it at night – the extra security could bring a discount on your premium.
Also, insurance companies can advise on which security devices can help reduce your car insurance premium. Tracking devices and immobilisers are likely to attract a discount.

What you get with our comprehensive car insurance

As one of Britain’s largest car insurance brokers we’re serious about car insurance for women.
We offer the same wide range of policy benefits at affordable prices to all drivers, but with over 300,000 female customers* we understand the cover you need.
  • dedicated UK claimline available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year
  • courtesy car while your car is being repaired by an approved repairer
  • personal accident cover up to £5,000 (£7,500 if you’re an AA member)
  • windscreen, window and sunroof repairs without loss of your no-claims discount
  • cover for personal belongings up to £250 (£500 if you’re an AA member)
  • replacement child seats and booster seats
  • assistance with overnight accommodation or onward transport following an accident
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