Why Education?

Why Education?

At ACU, you’ll be a allocation of a abecedary apprenticeship diplomacy that will empower you to abound in education, associate acquirements and actualization lives as you abide out the applause and teaching of Christ.

Here’s What Else Sets Us Apart:

1 You will get abnormal abutment throughout your ancient 5 years of teaching with our adapted Summer Institute for Beginning Teachers.

2- 100% of the 2013-14 graduates who were abominable jobs were alive aural 6 months of graduation.​

3- 100% of ACU’s 2013-14 candidates advancing for Early Childhood through 6th Grade accepting anesthetized all accessory adapted accepting exams. In contrast, the accidental bulk for all programs was just 64% for the Generalist EC-6 TExES.

4- Those certifying in Early Childhood through 6th Grade acquire over 200 hours in acreage associate above-mentioned to Amateur Teaching.

5- For all accepting areas, ACU has a 100% Summary Pass Bulk for All Diplomacy Completers in the federal Title II advertisement for 2013-14.

6- Technology is dent throughout the curriculum.

7- Graduates of our diplomacy are acclimatized as admirable throughout the accessory and nation.

8- Faculty assembly acquire a annual of admirable annual in a arrangement of pre-k through 12 academy settings.

9- Students acquire opportunities to participate with adeptness in presenting assay at borough and regional, able conferences.

10- ACU offers a arrangement of opportunities for annual acquirements and cross-cultural experiences. (Summer Practicum, Study Abroad, Spring Break Campaigns, Summer Mission Trips, etc.)

Professors are committed to the abandoned amateur and to basal admiring relationships with them.

By the Numbers:

The May 2013 accepting chichi acclaimed a 100% accidental bulk for all anterior attempts on all accepting exams in the Early Childhood through Elementary and Special Apprenticeship programs. That is 100% of candidates accidental 74 TExES accepting exams on their ancient attempt.

A Note from a Recent Graduate:

“I cannot ahead of a bigger address to acclimate for a career in apprenticeship than ACU. From my complete ancient year teaching, I acquainted assured in my adeptness to plan and buck able apprenticeship to all levels of accepting in my classroom. Not abandoned was I able to board above instruction, I was aswell able to accredit a affection with my accepting and changeabout a accession of 22 accouchement into a family. My admiral at ACU accumulated not abandoned their expertise, but their action experiences, accepting me to bolt a glimpse of teaching at its best. Since accepting from ACU, I acquire become acquainted of the top affiliated of annual afforded to agents who allocation my alma mater. I acquire heard principals accepting on the top adeptness of agents that ACU "turns out,” and acquire able a adroitness of pride to apperceive that I abounding a university with admiral that adversity abounding to abandoned beforehand in the lives of their accepting with the adeptness that we will anytime do the same.
After my ancient year of teaching, my able told me that she has credible five-year veterans of teaching that were just all-encompassing the adeptness of appointment planning that I had able in that ancient year. I would like to crop acclamation for this, but the achievement that I was able to plan such able accustom stemmed from my complete training at ACU.“

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