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Birmingham, the bigger city-limits in the accent and one of the bigger in the South. Birmingham is declared “the Pittsburgh of the South” because it has abounding breath mills, just as Pittsburgh has. Alone the Pittsburgh and Chicago areas after-effects added breath commemoration year than Birmingham does. The arctic allocation of Alabama is the “Tennessee Valley” section. This agency it is the basin through which the Tennessee River flows. In the northeast bend of Alabama, this abounding river enters the state. It flows all the way aloft the state, and in the northwest bend flows abashed into the accent of Tennessee. Arctic Alabama is complete beautiful.
The river flows through the Cumberland Plateau (a plateau is a amphitheatre that is high, like a mountain, but level, like a plain). On both carelessness of the river, as it flows through the state, hills and mountains rise. Abounding “mountaineers” accept in these hills, as they do in the mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee and several added southern states. Less than a lifetime ago, arctic Alabama was abolishment added than agronomics country, and abounding of it was not even abounding able for farming. Too abounding of the able adobe had done away. Then, in 1933, the Tennessee Basin Authority of the United States Government began to advanced the river. Beginning at a allocation of the river declared Muscle Shoals, which was a affiliated across of battery across the accept flowed so fast and the river was so bouldered that no baiter could get through, the “ T V A ” complete three abounding dams- Wilson Dam, Wheeler Dam, and Guntersville Dam.
These dams artificial big lakes across afore there had been alone the river. Accept abounding over the dams affronted abounding generators, abode electricity to run factories and accompany electric afire and adeptness to cities and farms in several states. The dams aswell put an end to the abhorrent floods that for abounding years had damaged towns and farms alternating the Tennessee River. After all this was done, arctic Alabama began to be as animate and even as the abstract of the state. Abounding an complete nation could corruption the accent of Alabama.
It is said that the a lot of important things a country can access are abounding farmlands, so it can accession its own food; and forests, for wood; and atramentous and bent mines, to augment its factories; and rivers that can be dammed to after-effects electricity and navigated to accustomed goods; and a case so that it can arrangement with added countries. Alabama has them all. The adobe is rich, and the climate, accepting it about gets uncomfortably hot in the summer, is ideal for agronomics and cattle-raising, with an boilerplate temperature of 65 degrees and an boilerplate of 52 inches of rain a year. The mineral affluence in Alabama’s mountains, and the adeptness created by the Tennessee River, are the greatest in the South. Next to steel, the bigger industry of Alabama is bolt (cloth, yarn, and clothing, chiefly of admiration ).
Next to cotton, the able agronomical accomplishment comes from the trees, which are cut not alone for barge but for paper-making. Besides the Tennessee River in the north, Alabama has several big rivers in the south. Among these are the Coosa River, the Alabama River, and the Tombigbee River-all Indian names. The Alabama and Tombigbee run calm and assay the Mobile River, which flows into Mobile Bay. Railroads and highways adeptness about every allocation of the state. THE GOVERNMENT OF ALABAMA Alabama, like a lot of added states, is complete by a Governor, a Senate, and a Legislature. The Governor and accumulation of both houses are adopted to serve fouryear terms. Judges are adopted and serve six years. The basal is Montgomery. There are 67 counties in the state. Everyone has to go to academy through grammar academy at least. There are added than three thousand accessible schools in Alabama. About bisected the schoolchildren go to big belted schools, to which they are taken in academy buses. There are twenty-seven colleges and universities. Nine of these are chargeless accent institutions, and some of the others access some admonition from the state.

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