Female Education

Female education means the education for girls. The world consists of man and woman, where both of them have got inborn rights to be educated. Education, the eternal light of life as the rays of the sun to the earth, washes away darkness and blackness and saves everyone from the wrong track.
A beautiful saying is “Men and women are the double sides of a coin or double wheels of a cart”. A pure coin needs both its sides good to be transacted. Likewise progress is confirmed only when men and women are equally educated. Female education was neglected in Nepal in the past and still some of social limitations and poverty have won to keep women at home without education, consequently Nepal has been enlisted as one of the poorest countries in spite of becoming the richest in the natural resources. Nepal has been feeling the lacks of female human resources who are the second assets of the nation. We know our history tells us the women enjoyed privileged position in society in the Vedic Age. We read of women sages and women scholars in the Vedic Age. Manu Sanhita says that gods feel joy where women are honored. Really women were given honorable position in society, that’s why the Vedic Age was prosperous. In the later part of human civilization, the society went on becoming complicated and men dominated women for their personal interest. Women are put in the darkness of ignorance and were compelled to be satisfied with household affairs only. They were not given education and opportunity to participate in activities of men as such they had no power to protest against social evils. They suffered all these cruelties silently. They thought it was their lot to suffer all these. They had a very wretched life.

In modern age, almost every country’s people have realized that the development and prosperity is possible only when women are educated. The world is rapidly stepping up the ladder of development by mutual help of both men and women. There is public awareness of female education. Many women has proved to be no less than men in every field. Virginia Wolf, Valantine Tereskova, Florence Nightingale, and other are the burning examples of great women. Men have changed their outlook. They no longer have objection to women being educated. Women have got independence. They have go special privileges in society in term of education. Many schools have started co-education. Many girl schools and colleges have been set up. As a result of spread of female education, we, now, know of many women who have occupied positions of honour and responsibility. Many women in the world have become poets, Scientists, Governors of States, Presidents, Prime ministers, Ministers, High Court judges, Magistrates, Lawyers, Doctors, Professors, Engineers, and Eminent Social Workers. Innumerable women are now holding jobs in offices, schools, and colleges. Women are competent to men in every field. A family is prosperous where both husband and wife are educated. But it is sad to remark that female education has not spread among the majority of women living in rural areas. They generally belong to poor classes of society. In our country the people of untouchable families are being encouraged in the field of education. If majority of women are educated they can understand the value of family planning and they learn crafts to earn their livelihood. Thus, female education is a must to run the cart of family very smoothly.

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