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The University of Tokyo, one of the oldest and world class research universities, established in 1877 is located at the landmark of Bunkyo, Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. The University of Tokyo is commonly called as ‘Todai’ in Japanese accent. The university comprises of 10 faculties with 30,000 students including 2,100 foreign students who came to pursue their education here. The university has five colleges located in different places of Japan. The University of Tokyo is the topmost university in the whole Asia and ranks 21st in the world.

As we all know, The University of Tokyo (Todai) is Japan’s top college, a world-class place for examination, and an energetic scholastic group. World-class research Todai’s scientists have been at the cutting edge of their fields following our establishment in 1877. Today, their front line explore consistently shows up in top universal diaries and has earned  Nobel prizes. Research at University of Tokyo over art sciences is both wide and profound, as expert information is imparted crosswise over conventional limits to further human comprehension. A strong instruction Todai’s undergrad training stresses the aesthetic sciences for the procurement of solid bonding capabilities, a sound moral outlooks, and interdisciplinary awareness, altogether creating a stout foundation for particular information. Volunteer exercises, entry level positions and other off-grounds encounters are an undeniably vital piece of a Todai training. A lively group Todai is a dynamic group in which world-class analysts cooperate with brilliant understudies from Japan and more than 100  nations. Graduated students occupy top positions all over Japan, Asia, and all around the world. Mission Todai means to be a world-class stage for education and research, contributing to human knowledge in business with other driving worldwide colleges. Todai plans to sustain worldwide pioneers with a solid feeling of open obligation and a spearheading soul, having dual high speciality and broad knowledge. Todai intends to grow the limits of human information in association with society.

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