How to living in Australia?

How to living in Australia?
How to living in Australia?

As is the life of an immigrant in Australia:

The life of an immigrant in any of the Australian cities is full of comfort and security that allows you to feel adapted to the new life in Australia, but as they group them according to their origin does not allow them to integrate fully with the Australian society, which in turn is generating that Australia will become a melting pot of languages ​​and different customs.
The question is always what drives the emigrant decision to leave their country? And this proved that the decision to migrate is related to the hope of a better life than they had, the chance of having better job opportunities and respect for the freedoms granted democratic society respectful of its members, in other words we say that an immigrant looking for a new home.

Unlike other countries, the life of an immigrant in Australia is totally different from what has been developing in their countries, because of the fact that the country of Australia is recognized as one of the countries enjoying a splendid technological development and with highest quality of life, in which it is integrated multicultural society, beaches and diverse natural attractions that give a different dimension to as coming from less developed countries are attracted to join.

The immigrant will have to get used to a tolerant multiracial society and is encouraged by the Government to maintain their customs inherent in their culture while respecting the Australian customs and meets Australian laws.

So the life of an immigrant will not be easy and will be full of setbacks if not dominate the English language, because it would hinder finding qualified and better paid jobs that they get factory workers or cleaning. Many immigrants aware of their status as foreigners are linked with each other mainly by geographical area, be it Asia, Latin America. These are major constraints in establishing social relationships with people of another language or origin. In other words they have been adapted but have not been integrated.
The execution of such simple activities like going to the bank or make payment of the services or shopping can become very complicated if you do not have an adequate development in English language, for its handling facilitate the immigrant integrate and communicate in Australian society .

However the Australian reality always requires us to compare with the realities of our hometowns, there insecurity, chaos, pollution and disorder, here we find order and security, the streets are passable at any time of day or night, because their authorities worry about it.
Be a permanent resident, will allow the migrant access to free education in the states of Victoria and South Australia. The health care in all cases must be handled by a private insurance taken out by the migrant.

As for living conditions offered by Australians the immigrant, all at the same level in terms of services and amenities, which easily satisfies migrants. The only difference is the high cost of living in major cities.

The emigrant in Australia knows that among the 20 most livable cities in the world is five Australian cities (Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane) for their stability, health care, care of education, good infrastructure, culture and the environment.

For the migrant mass transit consists of buses, trams and ferry is affordable, allowing him to move to any part of the city where he lives.
All immigrants know that being a permanent resident must enroll in Medicare to enjoy public health care and in the case of temporary residents must enroll in a private health insurance, care plans and can choose according to their health needs.

It is also recommended that the migrant aperture your bank account before reaching one month of having entered Australian territory. The migrant shall furnish as requirements passport, valid visa to enter Australia and a certified birth certificate in order to prove their identity back. It must also provide references from other banks or individuals.
It is necessary that the migrant before coming to Australia, becomes aware of the living conditions of the resident population that is it will allow better prospects deal with the process of joining the Australian community. Therefore you must rely on family, friends as well as brochures in different languages ​​and found on the website of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Religious tolerance is one of the hallmarks of Australian society, so must maintain a tolerant and respectful towards the beliefs of their new neighbors attitude.
Although in recent years there have been clear cases of discrimination, the Australian authorities are quite dramatic in compliance with anti-discrimination laws.

It is possible according to the customs laws of the migrant may move to Australian territory with its own furniture.
Do not forget that during the first three months, you can use your international driver’s license until you process the Australian driver’s license.

Rent housing guarantee means leaving an agreed amount, we must not forget that the lease can be quite expensive.More Info

Immigrants are obliged to enroll children whose age ranges between 5 and 15 years of age in the various existing schools.

For many migrants live in Australia it has meant they consider worth living the experience of Australia, who deem best place to immigrate to the United States and Canada.

In short, the migrant in Australian cities mostly fits the Australian lifestyle but not integrated.

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