Types of employment contract in Australia

Types of employment contract in Australia
Australians types of work contracts:
Australian employers prefer an employee who is already suited to the Australian labor market, thereby generally hire migrant workers with temporary work contract type Contract and Casual Work and after three months depending on the skills and qualifications of migrant and his knowledge of the English language can provide access to good jobs permanently by using the Full Time Work or full-time job with better working conditions and recognition of rights.

The Australian labor market is very competitive for being a developed country and by having a highly skilled workforce, which seeks to keep up to date through continuous training and ongoing skill development, it is known that the Australian businessman prefers to recruit staff trained to have to prepare and diverting part of their working day, after seeing forced to recognize overtime payments.

Australian businessperson wishes labors who master several tasks at once in order to entrust them multidisciplinary activities therefore accepts only workers who are suitably qualified to develop a work and in the case of migrants the same situation occurs, for it always It recommends that the first thing to do is to find an immigrant employment in Australia, which will allow you to understand and exercise as are the conditions and requirements of the Australian labor market.

It is in this context that the types of employment contract in the Australian labor market called Casual or Temporary Work Contract Work, Work or Work Full Time Full Time and Part Time Work or part-time work are developed.
The Temporary Work Contract and Casual Work:

It’s the kind of majority work in Australia, does not mean signing a contract formal work, it’s just filling a timesheet or timesheet where the number of hours worked during the week for payment purposes is recorded and leads the signature of the employer and the worker as a sign of agreement.
The advantages of this type of temporary work contract or Casual Work Contract, is related to the amount of the salary is very high relative to the wages of full-time jobs. The disadvantages of this type of contract Temporary Work Contract or Casual Labor, are mentioned to do not assurance permanence or continued employment after completing the contract generally reaches three months, does not provide any employment benefits such as vacation, does not recognize periods of rest sick and always worked workweek exceeds 40 hours worked.

It should be emphasized that this type of temporary work contract or Casual Work Contract, the value of hours worked is not only in relation to the type of work but to show the worker skills, the English language proficiency and qualifications holds.
The search for a Temporary Work Contract or Casual Work, usually done on the papers for the sectors of tourism, hotels and restaurants, whose characteristics make possible the requirement of skilled labor.

Usually this type of provisional work contract or Casual Work Contract, is used as a trial to offer the migrant then a Full Time Work or full time job.

The Full Time Work or full-time work:

It allows the immigrant to have labor rights and benefits. Given its status as a permanent contract the migrant worker must labor 40 hours receive overtime payments made shall be entitled to paid leave, if you get sick you will be recognized medical break and most importantly for many allows the contributions intended for retirement .
The Full Time Work or full-time work, has an amount of lower hourly wage Temporary Work time or Casual Work Contract.

Work Part Time or Part-time work:
It is often confused with the Temporary Work Contract and Casual Work, but large differences between them here in this type of contract if a contract is signed for a period of time previously defined even in the days but less than 40 hours per week established by law. Recognizes vacation, medical leaves but wages are lower due to the recognition of these formalities.

In all types of contract Casual or Temporary Work Contract Work, Work or Work Full Time Full Time and Part Time Work or part-time work, wages are subject to tax rebates that Australian law provides for all profit.
There are other variations of such contracts as Job Sharing Job Sharing or consisting of two employees share the same job divided between them the days and hours during the week.

You can also use the contract Flexible Time and Flexible Time is a combination of Part Time Work or part-time work and job sharing or job sharing and consists of both employer and employee agree freely develop work hired on a flexible schedule .
Importantly, labor relations in the types of contract Work Full Time or Full-Time Work and Work Part Time or Part-Time Work in most Australian states and territories except Victoria State, are governed by an award and federal and / or state award which compliance is mandatory for employers, with the Wage Award which stipulates the conditions of minimum wage.

Australia being a country where the fundamental rights of workers are safeguarded, the presence of unions has allowed to negotiate with employers and obtain Certificates or Certified Agreements that guarantee adequate wages and working conditions. Also for those workers who do not wish to join a union and employer agree directly with wages and working conditions are Australians or Australian Workplace Agreements Workplace Agreement (AWA).
The assistances to which the worker accessed by subscription contract types Work or Work Full Time Full Time and Part Time Work or part-time work are:

- License Annual Leave for vacation or holiday break consisting of four weeks for each completed year of continuous work. It can be exchanged for cash equivalent to half the holiday period.
- License for Relationship or Parental Leave which in turn is subdivided into Mother’s license or license Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave Fathers or awarded for childbirth and can not be given at the same time. It can reach up to 52 weeks this license but during the period granted the employee receives no salary. It can also be requested by denominating Adoptive Parents Adoption Leave and License for adoptive parents.

- License Caregiver / or Personal / Career’s consisting Leave a License unpaid for 10 days for the worker to be addressed in a disease or failing to care for an immediate family member who is ill or the death of a member of his family.
- License employment seniority or consisting Long Service Leave the employer may grant to his employee up to 13 weeks of leave after serving 15 years of continuous work, depending on the state or territory where they reside.

- Retirement Plan or Superannuation that is that the employer made cash deposits, equivalent to 9% of their wages in retirement funds chosen by the worker.
- The conclusion of the service association or Eligible Termination Payment or ETP means that in any case of unlawful or unfair dismissal the employer must pay an amount of money for benefits not enjoyed.

Brief the work conventions in Australia are differentiated by the duration of the contract, the weekly working hours and the recognition of labor rights such as 40-hour working week, rest homes, medical rest, overtime pay, leave kinship , leave to care for sick family members entitled to retirement plans, and benefit not enjoyed recognition in the case being dismissed. More Info
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