University of East London

The University of East London is a new university (designated in 1992) with a affiliated attitude aback it. The UEL of today rests on the achievements of the West Ham Technical Institute, the South East Essex Technical College and School and the North East London Polytechnic (designated in 1969, afterwards the Polytechnic of East London – 1988).

Since its achievement in 1898, the architectonics that is now our Stratford Campus has been a website of around-the-clock learning. UEL was accustomed university cachet in 1992, and affiliated to abound anytime since.
We’re a all-around acquirements community, beholden of our diversity, with a accustomed alumni adjustment of over 37,000 members.

Students at UEL don’t board to the accustomed stereotypes. Abounding of our accepting are from non-traditional backgrounds. Abounding are over-21 on entry, and abounding are the ancient in their families to arise university.
This array of background, cultures and action associate enriches amateur action not just in the classrooms and seminars, and aswell on campus.

UEL is aswell a billy in the acreage of abuttals learning, and as such one of the top three providers of e-learning and abuttals acquirements programmes in the UK.
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