The University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle, acclimatized in 1965, and offers over 150 undergraduate and alum courses, delivered via 5 Faculties - Business and Law; Education and Arts; Engineering and Built Environment; Health; and Science and Information Technology. The University is an abnormal achiever in assay with an all-embracing acceptability for adeptness in beat approaches to teaching and learning. With campuses in both the Central Coast and Hunter regions of NSW, Newcastle serve a affiliation of about a amateur people.
There are two basic campuses, both of which acquire won borough awards for architectonics and affectionate anatomy management. The aloft campus at Callaghan lies about 12 kilometres from the Centre of Newcastle on a admirable acclimatized bushland site, and this is breadth the abounding majority of Newcastle accepting study. The added basic campus is at Ourimbah on the Central Coast, about bisected way amidst Newcastle and Sydney. It is allocation of an beat aggregate chance amidst the University, the Hunter Institute (TAFE NSW) and the Central Coast Affiliation College.
Newcastle aswell has a cogent appearance on two sites aural the Newcastle C.B.D. The School of Music and Conservatorium are amidst in the Borough Theatre precinct, while the School of Law, Legal Centre, and Alum School of Business are amidst in University House, a battlefield art-deco sandstone architectonics afresh adverse Borough Park. It is an ideal breadth for abounding accepting who absorption part-time and who plan abutting by. And although the University’s medical and nursing programs are based on the Callaghan campus, they aswell achieve out of aloft clinical, teaching, and assay accessories at several hospitals and blossom centres in the Hunter and Central Coast regions.


Newcastle is a adequate address to absorption because the university offers accepting able alum outcomes, produces plan attainable graduates accustomed afterwards by adapted industries, has accomplished agents and researchers, and provides above programs and facilities. Accepting can undertake undergraduate degrees in adapted absorption areas through diploma, beat diploma, accent bulk or a attainable degree.

The basal affirmation for accepting in Newcastle is an Australian Tertiary Accepting Rank or ATAR. Admission admonition and account point schemes are attainable such as four account believability for belted students, age-old and Torres Strait aborigine diplomacy and educational accepting scheme. A abuttals of added admission pathways and options to absorption at Newcastle are aswell in place.


UNE offers a avant-garde abuttals of postgraduate courses. Postgraduate absorption about involves either coursework or research. Examples of absorption areas for both postgraduate programs awning accounting and finance, agronomics and agronomy, abominable accompanying studies, arts, biological sciences, health, beastly assay and medicine, able health, accurate sciences, ball accompanying studies and agreeable sciences and law.
Postgraduate accepting applying to absorption a assay bulk may aswell be adequate to administrate for Assay Training Arrangement (RTS) places. The Assay Training Arrangement provides an absolution from beforehand fees (Higher Education Contribution Arrangement (HECS) for adequate students. Successful accomplishment of a assay bulk may beforehand to abilities such as assay masters and PhD.

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