Do u have Sleep Problem?

Do you have problem in falling asleep fast. If you do, and if it takes you more that 15 minutes, sometimes even more, it is an enormous waste of time. If you want to change that, keep reading and you will find the solution.
It is very important to get rid of caffeine from your system and then try and improve you sleeping habits. You should not consume:
  • Coffee
  • Decaf tea ,green tea, and white tea
  • Cola
  • yerba mate
  • Chocolate together with cocoa and cacao
A small amount of coffee can have consequences on you sleep. You might wake up at night, sleep restlessly and you may get up feeling weary and groggy. Nevertheless, if you really fancy coffee you can start drinking it again after your adaptation.

It is a whole process until you learn your brain to fall asleep in 30 seconds

Understanding the  Adaptation Training Process

The process might last for a long time, in some cases even a year and it all depends on your tenacity. If you have ever fallen asleep quickly or in the middle of reading a book or watching a movie, your brain just needs the right condition to do it constantly.
The basic line of this approach is that your brain must be trained to stop all other activity and transition into sleep the moment you want to.
The brain never stops its activity. It functions in different phases of consciousness, alpha, beta (waking), delta and theta. In order to fall asleep your brain should switch phases. If your brain is not trained it will take your brain time to switch modes and you often turn or toss, think about something, or you just lie without being able to fall asleep until your brain is ready to switch phase.
What determines when you fall asleep is your subconscious.  If your subconsciousness is not ready to fall asleep it will send thoughts and ideas to your conscious mind to keep it busy. You can train your subconscious mind to receive orders from your conscious mind, but you must feel sleepy in order to do that. You can train your brain to do that.
Take short, timed siestas to train your brain to fall asleep faster. If you feel weary through the day, take a 20 nap. Your nap should last only 20 minutes. If you succeed in falling asleep in those 20 minutes that is great, but it is not a big deal if you don’t fall asleep either.
When the 20 minutes pass you should get up immediately even if you are really sleepy. If you are very tired you can take another nap after an hour. You should take at least one nap per day, and it is better to do them during the day, but sometimes it is ok to take a nap after dinner too.
The next step of the process is that you should get up at exactly the same time every day. You should set an alarm and you must get up when it sets off, regardless how much time you have slept. You should plan your time and go to bed at a reasonable time that will make it possible for you to get enough sleep. Your brain becomes lazy and inefficient if you go to bed and wake up at a different time every day.  Your brain can postpone the time you fall asleep knowing that it can compensate later.
Chocolate and coffee are stimulants and if your brain does not get enough sleep it can rely on them. If you stop consuming them your brain will get the idea that the only solution it has is falling asleep faster, and it will actually do this in order to get enough rest.
If your brain stops receiving stimulants, or if it is not allowed to oversleep any more, it will come to realize that sleep time is limited. The brain is good at optimizing limited physiological resources so if it realizes that sleep time can be limited it can optimize it, like it optimizes the use of sugar and oxygen.

If you feel sleepy during the day, 20 minutes nap is the perfect solution. If you don’t have that much time you can take shorter naps and they are also helpful. You should learn your brain that the time you are lying down should be your sleep time, and if it wants to get enough sleep it shall fall asleep immediately after lying down.
If you have adapted and you have the ability to fall asleep fast, you can soften the training process. If you are a caffeine lover you can even bring it back. However, it is for the best to be strict about this for a couple of months, use an alarm clock and wake up at the same time every day and take naps every day.
If you find this too disciplinary, the chances of success are small. The time of adaptation depends on the individual himself because everybody is different .One of the most important influences is your diet. Your diet should be natural, lighter and healthy and it will be easier for you to adapt to sleep changes. Another influence is regular exercises, which will help    re-balance neurotransmitters and hormones which regulate the sleep cycles.

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