Okra Water – Amazing Cure For Diabetes

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Powerful plant that lowers blood sugar

Okra is a healthy grocery although some think of it as a comfort food. It is rich in potassium, minerals and vitamins. On the plus side, it has no calories and it will not bring any unwanted weight.
Many studies have been conducted and results published in the Journal of Pharmacy and BioAllied Sciences. Researches from India conducted research on mice proving its health benefits. It is said that the seeds and the peels of okra have anti-diabetic properties. After the level of the glucose had stabilized, the scientists published their results.
They divided mice in two groups. The first group was given okra pods soaked in water, and the other group received another type of solution. The results showed that okra helped in diminishing the level of absorption of glucose and also decreased the level of sugar in their blood.

How to treat diabetes – the recipe
Prepare okra water in order to stabilize sugar level in your blood.  wash 4 medium sized okra pods   cut the ends of the pods
§  split the pods in half
§  put the pods in a glass and pour some water over them.
§  keep them at room’s temperature and let it sit over night
§  squeeze the pods before removing them from the water
§  remove the pods and drink the water
Drink this water once a day to prevent diabetes. This is an annual plant so it might be difficult to find them fresh. In exchange, you can use canned okra or freeze fresh, and prepare this water throughout the year.
Pay attention to Metformin. If you already use Metformin, you must know that okra can change its ability to control the level of the sugar in your blood. Additionally, the level of glucose may increase instead of dropping if you use okra and Metformin at the same time. Always consult your doctor prior to drinking okra water. Also, you must adjust your diet to your medications because okra is not advised to use in order to eat bad foods that might raise your sugar level in the blood and hope that okra will take care of it.

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