Amazing Benefits of Eating Egg for health, hair and skin #2

Eye health
Eggs contain high amount lutein and zeaxanthin. AS per the study those carotenoids are great to stop macular degeneration and also reduce the risk of developing cataracts. Both the compound contains antioxidant effect which helps to strengthen your retinas and protect your eye form free radical harm and ultraviolet radiation of sun.

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Strong Bones
Egg contain good amount of vitamin D, phosphorus and calcium, which great for the done and teeth health. Every know that calcium is very essential for the good bone health, however vitamin D help for absorption of calcium.  Phosphorus is also important for stronger bone and also vital for proper bone density.

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Good for pregnant women
Egg can reduce the risk of birth defects due to its high amount of nutrient, vitamin and minerals, which are vital for healthy baby such as folate, choline and selenium. But pregnantwomen never eat raw or undercooked eggs. Choline in egg helps in fatal brain development and help to reduce birth defects. It is one of the great Benefits of Eating Egg for Pregnant women.

Healthy hair and nail
Protein is very vital for healthy hair and nail and egg is the best source of protein. You can use egg mask to improve your hair growth. You can make mixture of raw egg and one tablespoon of olive oil, apply this mixture on hair and cover with a shower cap. After 30 minutes wash your hair with shampoo. It is one the Great Benefits of Egg for hair.

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Good for skin
There is many Beauty Benefits of Egg such as it excess oil from skin, tightens your skin and shrinks the pores. White portion of egg will also help you to heal acne and fade acne scars and blemishes. You cam whip an egg white, spread it on face and cover with pieces of tissue paper. After 10 to 20 minute wash your face with lukewarm water.

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