5 Key Points For Getting the Most Out of a Goodwill Car Donation

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You can take advantage of Goodwill’s car donation program if you need to get rid of an old car that you no longer need. A donation can not only help Goodwill’s efforts with supporting people in your community but it can also provide you with a tax deduction based on whatever the value of the donation might be determined to be at.However, there is a potential for you to get the most out of a donation. While it is true that Goodwill will take in any car that is in working condition, you need to do a few things to get your Goodwill car donation to be worth as much as it can be.

Make Sure To Read Below Before Goodwill Car Donation

1.Check All the Parts

The first thing to do is to see that the parts in your car are actually working properly. Goodwill will get the money from your car off of the sale of working parts that may be sold at salvage yards. This can often help Goodwill with funding many of its programs while also determining if you can get more off of your vehicle through the tax deduction that you should be eligible for.

2.Drive It Over Yourself

You should try and get the car sent over to Goodwill on your own if possible. This is to ensure that you will actually get a good return on your car as Goodwill will not have to contact a separate towing service provider to help with taking care of the vehicle. If Goodwill has to pay extra to tow the vehicle then it will certainly cut into whatever you are going to get out of your donation. In this case, you can always have someone else follow you along to the donation place. You can use that other person’s car to get back to where you came from.

Car Donation Sent to Goodwill

3.Get the Title Sent Over

There are some times when Goodwill will auction off the car that you have. This could work if your car is relatively functional. This can help you to get a better deduction but it will be easier to make this work if you can directly have the title to your car sent over to Goodwill. By submitting separate forms sending the title of your car to Goodwill, it will be easier for the charity to legally handle your car without having to go through many delays. This in turn ensures that you won’t struggle with trying to get a donation managed properly.

4.Get a Value of Your Car First

The value of your car can vary based on its age, mileage and other key features. You might want to contact an appraisal firm in your area to get an idea of what the value of the car is before donating it. This can help you out with getting a clear idea of what the donation value. This should make it easier for you to get a deduction that is a little higher than you might anticipate while still being close to whatever the final value of your car might be.

5.Ask About Additional Items

You might be able to get a larger deduction off of your used car if you are able to donate other items that relate to your car in the process. These include items that you might have bought for your car to make it more functional and useful. If you have a cargo net for the trunk then you should try and include that in the donation. The same can be said about utility floor mats. These items are all varied but if you choose the right items to donate then it will be easier for you to get everything out to someone right on time.

Be careful when getting these items ready for donation purposes though. You have to be certain when donating them all that you are careful when choosing good items to send out to Goodwill. Sometimes these items can be sold separately from the car at a donation center and store. The value that you can get off of these can be added to your car donation value although the total benefit will vary based on what you have.As great as it can be for you to donate your old car to Goodwill, you have to make sure you are careful when getting it sent out. Be sure to use these pointers when donating your car to Goodwill.
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