6 Reasons on How Purple Heart Car Donation Program Uses Your Car


When you are an American or someone living in the U.S with an extra car or truck lying idle most of the time, you can consider giving it out to the Purple Heart car donation program. This program is dedicated to assisting wounded veterans both locally and nationally. So by donating your car (whether grounded or running), you will touch and transform the life of a veteran who got injured in the line of duty.

(a) Car donations are invested in the lives of veterans

Veterans are people who do a great service for their country and the people who live there. If they end up getting injured in the line of duty, it affects the quality of their lives because they cannot live it like they used to. And in the unfortunate even that a veteran dies in the line of duty, his or her family will suffer the consequences of losing a loved one who was also the bread winner of that family.

Therefore, at a time of this apparently unending war, it makes sense to state that every American somehow owes a Veteran especially if they got injured while serving their country.

The Purple Heart car donation program was formed to help military veterans and their families cope with injuries of their loved ones. In fact, by participating in this program, you will be supporting a charitable cause while getting a huge tax deduction. This program was designed to target and address the many special needs and problems that a military veteran may have.

(b) Car donations are being used to provide better healthcare

The Federal government has always promised to take good care of veterans. However, these promises somehow don’t get fulfilled, and that’s one reason to justify the existence of the Purple Heart car donation program.

The veterans themselves have rarely felt well-taken care of by the Federal government, hence the need to offer them support through charity organizations.

The cost of medical insurance keeps escalating for veterans and also for everyone else living in the U.S. The money paid for sub-standard services at certain Veteran-based hospitals have been treated as a scandal since the case of the first Gulf War back in the 90s.

For this reason, this program has a lot of work to do. Even an old junk that doesn’t move an inch will be donated with great ease without leaving your pajamas. They badly need it regardless of the condition in which it’s in. You can call or email them from their official site to arrange for a pickup.

© Other reasons to donate your car for the benefit of the vet military community

- A part of the proceed goes towards expert counseling concerning military benefits
- The money can also be used to identify and resettle a homeless veteran
- The money is used to fund Purple Heart car donation bid to legally represent vets who have been denied benefits
- It educates vets of their benefits and what they are entitled to

Tips for donating a car to Purple Heart charity

- If you have a big heart, donate a working car rather than relying on their free-tow service
- If you don’t live in an area supported by their tow-service, contact them to learn how to proceed
- You are free to donate anything on wheels, not necessarily cars


The Purple Heart car donation program will give you a peace of mind knowing that your donation is going through safe hands. You are not being taken advantage of. What is more, you will get tax deductions in addition to not having to worry about expensive car repair bills. Finally, you don’t have to find a buyer for your car to hand in the proceeds of the sale.
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