Top 7 Best VPN Services

Top 7 Best VPN Services of 2016

Do you work from home or find yourself traveling to a lot of different locations for business or pleasure? If so than you've probably wondered many times "how will I be able to hide my ip address from this cafe?" or "is there a hide ip address button on here somewhere?" 

A VPN or “virtual private network” provides an added layer of Internet security, which allows people to peruse the internet freely, securely access business files remotely, and stream shows and music worldwide, without the fear of compromising their sensitive data. 

VPN usage is growing rapidly as more and more people across the world are choosing to encrypt, secure and hide ip addresses during their online sessions. There are a myriad of different VPN services and providers on the market, which can make signing up for a VPN a daunting task. 

Check out our list of the best VPN providers below to compare prices, protocols, server options, and features of the best VPN services on the market.

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