Priyanka Chopra's deliciously evil Baywatch character

The 'Quantico' actress stars in the big-screen remake of the iconic TV series, alongside Zac Efron and The Rock, and is thrilled that she was cast as the "deliciously evil" villain.

Speaking about wearing a swimsuit in the movie, she told You magazine: "Modern India is very different. And anyway, I play a bitch in couture - patronising and deliciously evil - so I spend most of the time covered up. I loved every minute of it and was a huge fan of the original 'Baywatch'. In 'Quantico' I have swimsuit scenes, though, and that hasn't provoked any criticism."

Although she has successfully made the leap from Bollywood from Hollywood, Priyanka, 34, admitted she never set out to conquer Tinseltown.

She said: "I never set out to 'crack Hollywood', but if it happens it will be an amazing thing for ending ethnic stereotyping. My parents always taught me to dream big and to chase those dreams. When they raised me they never differentiated between my brother and me or made me feel that there were any limitations on me as a female. Both my parents were doctors and we were a very academic family as most Indians are. That stereotype is true! I was so driven. I always had to come first in school. That same drive pushes me to do well in my work.

"I had never considered acting. As a child, I wanted to be a psychologist. Then for a while I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer and work for NASA. Ironically, I now spend my life flying - but not in the way I imagined!"

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