1) A Google account :
If you don’t have a Google account means Gmail, Just create it and signup for adsense. If you already have a Google account just follow below steps.
 2) Content created from scratch :
This can include your website, blog, or other original content that complies with Adsense program policies. This is where ads will be displayed. You can also earn money with youtube videos.
 3) Phone number and postal address :
Your phone or mobile number and the mailing address associated with your bank account so you can get paid. It’s a must. ZIP code and all. Payee name and Address must be same in Adsense account and bank account.
First, go to the Signup page for Google AdSense, and you will see an option to create a new Google account, or you can choose to use your existing Google account (Means Gmail account).
 Website Details:
This form is very simple to fill and you need to enter your website address and select the content language.
For the site URL use your blog address and make sure to add it without HTTP://
 Adsense contact information:
This is the most important part, and most of people making a couple of mistakes while signing up which I hope to prevent you from making with the instructions in this tutorial.
The “payee name” is very important. Make sure to use the same name in bank account as well as Adsense account. Adsense will be sending you a check or EFT payment or wire transfer under that name. If you make a mistake here, changing the payee name of your adsense account would be difficult in many countries including India.up. So ensure your bank account name and payee name are exactly the same. 
Next add your contact information and fill in the other details.
Accept Adsense policies and click Submit.
 Once you have signed up for Adsense, you need to add AdSense codes to your blog or website. The Adsense team will review your application again after you add the codes, and your account will be activated and you will be sent an Adsense Pin. All of this takes approx.   1 or 2 months depending upon your location.
 Once everything is set up, in order to get paid from Adsense you need to complete further steps:
  • Submit your tax information
  • Enter your pin
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