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Why Use Media.net

Media.net is the best earning alternative to Adsense out there. From most of them have been seen, it earns anywhere from 40 percent to 70 percent more than Adsense. But in some niches, it does just as well — or evem better than — Adsense.
Media.net also a lot less restrictive with their ad policies. You can get more aggressive with your ad placements. And every media.net account comes with a personal account manger you can email, should you need something looked into. You can even email them and ask them to help optimize your ads with split testing.
With Adsense, you are talking to the wall if you email them.
And then there’s the part where Adsense may ban your account for reasons unknown. If you earn with Adsense, it’s not IF but WHEN you have your account banned.

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Don’t get me wrong — Most of them love google Adsense. But it’s a dangerous way to earn your income, if it makes up the majority of your income.
First off, if you get banned from Adsense, any site you had on your Adsense account is also banned from having adsense back on. You get one and ONLY one appeal, and there’s about a 90% chance it will be rejected.
Second, Adsense makes you lazy. The money can come in so easy that people often  fail to diversify into new revenue streams, leaving themselves vulnerable to the vagaries of the Adsense Quality control team.
Imagine making a six figure income one day, then suddenly losing it overnight.
This was happen to most of them
But as it turned out, this was the best thing possible for my development. It forced me to seek out new earning opportunities, and ultimately, become a better marketer.
Media.net is an easy choice if you are already earning money with Adsense; you are likely to earn a significant portion of what your Adsense already earns. And while media.net may not, click per click, pay out the same as Adsense, they are far less restrictive in how and where you place your ads, which means you can push your CTR higher than Adsense which helps make up the earning gap between Adsense and media.net.
Should you lose your Adsense account tomorrow, if you’ve set up media.net and already tested it out on your sites, you at least have a backup source of income you can replace your Adsense ads with.
You should absolutely focus on expanding your earnings into other areas, such as Affiliate Marketing (amazon affiliates or affiliate products), or better yet, creating your own digital or physical product. The same dangers apply to ONLY making money from Media.net — if you are banned from Media.net, well, you’re fucked, especially if you can’t get Adsense.
Media.net Benefits
1.  Dedicated customer service representative
With your account you get a customer service rep with whom you can email.  They respond within 24 hours (often much faster).  They will also make suggestions to improve performance.
2.  Ads comply with SSL certificate
In August 2014 I installed an SSL certificate on one of my niche blogs (to see if I would get more organic search traffic from Google who announced SSL certificates are now a positive ranking factor).  The biggest problem with SSL certificates is that many advertising networks’ ads are not SSL compliant.  I had to drop 3 advertisers.  Fortunately, Media.net ads are SSL compliant.  However, you do have to get your rep to provide you the ad code.
3.  High converting ad design options
The ad units look like navigation menus.  This is brilliant because it results in a very high CTR.  That said, it’s a 2-click revenue system, which means you only earn revenue on the landing page to which the ad sends visitors once the second link is clicked.
Nevertheless, when it’s all set up right and properly optimized, you can still earn great revenue despite the 2-click process.
4.  Large ad options
I love the 600×250 and 300×600 ad units.  They perform well.
5.  You’re permitted to place Media.net ads in sticky or fixed sidebar zones
This is a HUGE benefit.  You cannot place Adsense ads in a floating/fixed/sticky sidebar zone, but you can place Media.net ads in these zones.  One of my niche sites generates more than $4,000 per month with one Media.net ad units in the sticky zone.
6.  View live ad impression count
This feature doesn’t help you earn, but it’s kind of cool.  When you log into your Media.net dashboard, there’s a live impressions real-time counter.  You can actually see the number of impressions increase while in the dashboard.

Media.net Wish List

1.  Real-time revenue reporting
You have to wait until the following day to find out how much revenue you generated the day before.  I don’t like this.  I like seeing how I’m doing throughout the day… especially when testing new ads.
2.  Better revenue metrics and data
The degree of detail in the reporting is pretty weak.  For example, you can’t track revenue on a URL-basis like you can with Adsense.  I love being able to see how much I’m making from individual URLs, but unfortunately I have to speculate with Media.net.  Overall ,their reporting features aren’t nearly as detailed as Adsense.
3.  Many ads are a 2-click revenue model
I’ve alluded to this above.  For many of the ad formats, you don’t get paid until the second ad is clicked.  Obviously it would be better to get paid from the first click.

Earn More than 100$, 200$, 700$ and more a day with Media.net | Media.net Benefits Earn More than 100$, 200$, 700$ and more  a day with Media.net | Media.net Benefits Reviewed by Kelly Miller on April 02, 2017 Rating: 5

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